Mary Cassatt (1845-1926), an Impressionist, wanted to be an artist for almost her whole life. She tried many different mediums, and the one you will try with this box is called monoprinting. Monoprinting is when you paint your picture backwards on a surface (in this case, a cookie sheet) and then put your paper on top. The paint will transfer to your paper and create a print! Mary painted mostly people, so your challenge is to paint a person in this style. If you love this project, be sure to look at the Mother and Child Pastel Drawing box and the biography that can go with it.


Everything you need for this project is in the box!


-Paint Brushes


-Painting Surface



-Craft Stick


-Artist Fun Facts


Preschool - Adult

Mary Cassatt Tempera Monoprinting

Number of Artists Needing Supplies

    All Major Credit Cards

    Gladly Accepted

    Waterloo, Iowa


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