Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1529), a Renaissance Artist, was known for a lot of things such as drawing, exploring science, inventing, but possibly most of all – his painting. Some of his most memorable are the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and The Virgin of the Rocks. One of the things people took note of in Leonardo’s work was his detail to the landscape/background of his paintings. He came on the tail end of an era when you use a black background and your subject is the only focus of the artwork. You are going to paint a landscape using some common materials for Leonardo: acrylic paint on wood. This box goes along with the Leonardo Da Vinci Invention Creation Box and Leonardo Da Vinci Deconstructed Invention Drawing Box. Be sure to take a look at those boxes and the artist biography that can come with it to further your educational experience!


Included in the box:


-Wooden Tile

-Paint Brushes



-Artist Fun Facts


Not included in the box: an old item you can draw, observe, and take apart. (VHS tape, cassette tape, pen, fruit, flower bud, flashlight)


Preschool - Adult

Leonardo Da Vinci Acrylic on Wood Add On Box

Number of Artists Needing Supplies

    All Major Credit Cards

    Gladly Accepted

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