Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1529) was much more than just a painter! Thought he was most known for his Renaissance paintings such as the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and The Virgin of the Rocks, Leonardo spent a lot of time drawing, exploring science, and inventing. The Leonardo Da Vinci Invention box helps you dive into the world of inventing with the opportunity to draw up plans, create an invention, and even take down notes like Leonardo himself! If you'd like to get a biography of the artist, check out my website: yellowduckdesign.com. There are also mini add on boxes that focus on Da Vinci's drawing and painting expertise


All items needed to complete the project are included in the box. 


-Construction Paper


-Colored Pencils








-Pipe Cleaners


-Craft String






-Liquid Glue


-Craft Sticks




-Sketch Paper


-Clothes Pins




-Artist Fun Facts




Preschool - Adult

Leonardo Da Vinci Invention Creation Box

Number of Artists Needing Supplies
  • Scissors are included in the box and may require adult supervision with younger artists.


    Pipe Cleaners are not covered at the ends and can be too sharp for younger artists.

All Major Credit Cards

Gladly Accepted

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